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Secured Property

A  Five man crew consisting of a geologist and a  prospector mobilized to the property on  Oct/02/2016.  The crew lodged in Red Lake and accessed the property daily by ATV using a pre-existing bush Road and Trail 4Km to outcrop site.

Property  Research

There already exists a cut grid on the property, which could be recovered to be used for soil sampling  and control for prospecting, trenching and drilling as required. 1988  diamond drill hole west of Boyden Lake, highly geochemically anomalous values were delineated in this 544.99 foot hole.A Large exploration grid has been completed over the property. A number of trenches have been completed on the property. 


The history of exploration presented is based on a thorough review of assessment files at the MNDM. Various parties have explored the Heyson Property from 1936 until 2000.

The nearest gold Mine is the Madsen Gold Mine, which is currently undergoing active exploration by Pure Gold.  This former producer is located approximately six kilometres west of the Heyson Property. The property under consideration lies within the Confederation Assemblage. This assemblage is a calc-alkalic sequence of metavolcanic and related metasedimentary rock units.



Property Recomendation


Rethinking Historical Data




Geological Research Paradigm

.....a whole framework of beliefs, values and methods.... .and ...vary by the sources of information that are drawn on, and how that information is sampled.




Thinking out of the box